How To Clean a Blender?

We all love to drink the delicious drinks we prepare but then comes the cleaning… Luckily the machines we’re buying nowadays are getting smarter and there are less parts we need to use. My flatmate is using my NutriBullet 900W and she was the one to ask me How To Clean a Blender? It made me think that it has to be a common question. Everyone wants to preserve their new purchase the best way possible so we can keep using it for years and years.

There are a few different types of cleaning your blender. I’m gonna show you 4 ways based on my NutriBullet but you can adapt it to whatever machine you have.


Before you go ahead with any cleaning Switch The Power Off and Unplug Your Blender.

Always be extra careful when cleaning the blade as the edges are sharp.


Everyday Cleaning

This is gonna be something that after some time will become your routine. If you want to keep your blender in a good shape you should really try to wash right after finishing your drink. This way nothing will stick to the cup for too long and the smell will stay nice and fresh.

The steps to Everyday Cleaning couldn’t be easier:

  1. Remove the top blade from the cup.
  2. Rinse the cup and blade immediately after you finish drinking your smoothie.
  3. With warm soap and soapy water gently wash your blade and the cup. Feel free to use any sponge you might have.
  4. When rinsed to your liking, tower dry or place on a drying rack.

Look, just a few steps. It probably takes about 10 seconds and the reward is a long life of your favourite machine 😉


The Self Clean Method

Now this is my favourite method and I admit that I didn’t think of it myself until I did my research… It’s absolutely brilliant and it can save even more time. Let me walk you through it.

  1. Remove the top blade from a cup.
  2. Add a dab or two of dish soap to the dirty cup.
  3. Fill the cup about a third with warm water then attach the blade back properly.
  4. Plug your blender back and place the cup onto the power base.
  5. Blend for about 20-30 sek. (If you’re in a hurry 10 sek should be enough)
  6. Rinse the soapy water from the cup and blade.
  7. Dry with the towel or place on a drying rack.

What a smart use of the blender itself right? This way will definitely help you keep it shiny.


Deep Cleaning

From time to time it’s good to do a deep cleaning of our machines. You can also do it if you have anything stuck really hard to the cup or blades. We’re just humans so sometimes we’ll leave the cups dirty on the side for a longer… I do it too 😉 That usually causes the dirt to stick much stronger. This way will be the most efficient your you to clean it.

Everyday care is important but this way we can also prolong the life of our Blenders even more. At the end of the day these are material things so how we use them will determine how long they’ll work for us properly. Luckily the deep cleaning of our Blenders is not long and it doesn’t require a crazy amount of effort. Have a look at the steps.

  1. Remove the top blade from a cup.
  2. Add a dab or two of dish soap to the dirty cup.
  3. Fill the cup with warm water and rinse the blade.
  4. Leave the cup and blade on a safe and level surface like your sink for example.
  5. Let it soak for 20 minutes or longer.
  6. Using a bottle brush or sponge, scrub clean the cup and blade.
  7. Rinse the soapy water from the cup and blade.
  8. Dry with the towel or place on a drying rack.


Cleaning The Power Base

When we make our smoothies, juices etc. it’s almost impossible to keep the power base clean. I’m extremely messy in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I cook really well but my kitchen usually looks like after some kind of was so I have to spend quite some time to clean it every time. Luckily I like doing dishes 😉

Like I said, this video and cleaning steps will be based on my NutriBullet Blender but you can definitely adjust it if you have any different machine.

  1. Remember to disconnect your base form the power source. It’s very important with this cleaning.
  2. With a damp sponge wipe the outside and the inside from any stuck-on-mess or liquid.
  3. Using the brush dipped in warm soapy water scrub the base from outside.
  4. Then, scrub the power base actuators. With this blender it’s inside but for some of them it’s basically the top platform where you place the cup.
  5. When you see it’s clean, use a sponge or towel to remove any leftover debris or liquids.
  6. Use a dry towel to wipe off the power base. It’s very important to make sure it’s completely dry before using again.



With my blender from NutriBullet I know that the cups, lids and lip rings are all top wrack, dishwasher safe. Make sure you’ll double check with your brand which parts of the blender you can put into your dishwasher before doing it. If you decide washing it this way, please make you’re you rinse the parts before putting them in. We hardly ever turn the dishwasher on right away so the dirty cup lay in there and it’ll be hard to remove the food from it after some time. Save yourself some trouble or even just the bad smell.

To be honest I’ve stopped using the dishwasher completely over year ago. The reason is simple, it broke… Unfortunately my landlord doesn’t see the need for us to use it hence they just left us with the broken one. Fixing it is not even worth it. It’ll cost us basically a brand new machine. At first I was really mad at the situation but then I found out that washing dishes can be quite relaxing 😉 Thanks to that all the dishes are always clean on shelves, ready to use, not left in the dishwasher and forgotten.

How many of you had this situation when you really need to use that one pot or a pan. Then you find it in the dishwasher left by someone there a few days ago so it’s all dirty and sticky. You end up scrubbing it longer than you should instead of making a nice meal for yourself.

This is why I highly recommend all the methods I gave you in this post 😉

Blender Fun

I hope this blog post has fully answered the question How To Clean a Blender?

So far I haven’t had any problems with cleaning, and I have never encountered a dirt that would stay forever. This machine is made for us to be creative, healthy and have loads of fun exploring new tastes.

Have a look at the blender I’m using end recommending on the TOP BLENDER page.

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Feel free to leave any comments, personal feedback or ask any questions. I’ll be more than happy to answer.

Enjoy it!

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