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My name is Ola, I’m a dancer and I cannot imagine life without a blender 😉 I start my day with a protein shake. I make them after most of my trainings, during holidays, when I’m busy or when I’m lazy. Basically all the time… Fresh smoothies and healthy juices are probably one of my biggest addictions. I can easily say that blender one of my favourite things to use in the Kitchen. I’ve had a bumpy journey with buying wrong blenders before and I’d like to help You make better choices than me. After many years I know quite a lot about these products and you can learn all about them here on Best Kitchen Blenders page. I really hope you’ll follow my guidance and get yourself one of these amazing blenders. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

About Kitchen Blenders

Blender is an invention which we can find in almost any kitchen nowadays. In many houses it became something we use as often as the kettle.

There are two types of Blenders:

  • Hand-held immersion blender / stick blender – it has no container of it’s own but instead has a mixing head which can be put into container. The user has to hold it as long as the blade operates. Using this kind of blender is quite restricted and it’s only good for small tasks.
  • Countertop blenders – use a containers made of glass, plastic or sometimes stainless steel. Most of the times the containers are made in a shape that encourages material to circulate through the blades rather than spinning around. Low power blenders might require adding some liquid to operate properly. High power blenders can deal with any kind of grains or crush ice cubes if needed.

Here are some of the ideas what we can do with Blenders:

  • milkshakes
  • juices with pulp
  • frappuccinos / smoothies
  • purees from fruits and vegetables
  • crush ice for delicious drinks like for example Pina Colada or Margarita
  • emulsify mixtures
  • crush any kind of nuts to a powder
  • blend mixtures like powders, granular or liquids
  • help dissolve solids into liquids
  • chop onions (no more crying)

You see it yourself now, right? Such a fantastic device which can make your life so much better. I really hope that you’ll treat yourself today and follow my lead. Your kitchen needs one, trust me. If you do, please don’t hesitate and message me about your experience. Let’s exchange recipes and enjoy these delicious treats together! 🙂

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